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WENWEN seeks to be the first stablecoin protocol to implement two design principles, namely the creation of a highly scalable, trust-free, extremely stable, ideologically pure stablecoin.

Public Sale :June,7 — June,15

Liquidity Mining:June,16

二、Mining proceeds and dividend

WENWEN Protocol project public offering is to participate with WBTC, the fundraising is equal to the value of SHARE tokens and additional 10% stable coins (USDN, EURN, JPYN) to participate in the liquidity mining after participation.

(1) Liquidity mining, in the process of testing network mining, the annualized rate of return is more than 1600%, the overall is not bad very stable.

(2) Because it is an algorithmic stable coin, in addition to mining, because to stabilize the price of the coin, there are token dividends, token dividends rule is, every even hour, according to the user holds SHARE, stable coin, the user can get the corresponding reward, to USDN for example: USDN is higher than 1, claim will issue additional USDN, to the user holding SHARE, USDN is lower than 1, will issue additional SHARE tokens, to the user holding USDN.

(3) In looking at the total amount of SHAREN, and the allocation ratio
- User private placement accounts for 20%
- 70% of mining rewards
- The team accounts for 10%, unlocked after 2 years

Roughly calculate the total amount and output.
SHAREN’s output, mining accounted for 70%
Assumptions: a total of 100 BTC raised, mining will produce SHAREN is about
100*39000*3.5 = 13650000 SHAREN, (1 BTC ~= 39000 USD)
You account for 1 BTC, then you have the possibility to get 136,500 SHAREN (about 1 USD each)
It is about 3.5 times of the investment

三、 The overall comprehensive view
Mining + token dividends + input-output ratio, the overall return is relatively substantial, of course, the most important or the first to go to eat the crab talent will enjoy this small dividends, any project is.

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WENWEN Protocol is a decentralized stablecoin lending protocol on Starcoin that truly liberates your liquidity!